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          Thank you for your interest in our school!

          我们提交 询价表» or c上tact Nancy Coleman at 352.332.3609.


          Our core values: 奖学金, 领导, and 服务 are a focus of an Oak Hall Education in every grade and aspect.  Our alumni model these school virtues through their daily contributions to society.  Our students thrive to reach new heights, not only because of the unique liberal arts education provided at Oak Hall, but also because of the firmly indoctrinated value of improving the lives of others as exemplified by the h上ored alums who have been selected for their commitment to living the OHS values of scholarship, leadership, and service everyday.



          After my freshman year at Caltech, I started doing re搜索 in Planetary Science (working with Mike Brown, the guy who killed Pluto) and I have been in the field ever since. I should defend my PhD sometime this fall. Right now I am studying the organic chemistry occurring in the atmosphere of Titan (the largest moon of Saturn). We are learning a lot of exciting things about Titan and atmospheric chemistry in general. Part of my job as a graduate student is to help teach undergraduate classes and I really enjoy helping others learn. I guess the most important thing I have learned is that you cannot be afraid to fail. There is a lot of failure involved in being a scientist and if you are afraid to fail you w上’t take risks and then you will never make the big discoveries. I have always had trouble with a fear of failure (which I’m sure Mr. Legare will attest to…) but I get better about it as I get older.  

          Do you know an Eagle alumnus that is living our Missi上?  We would love to hear about it.  Please email or call Corinna French at cfrench@oakhall.org or (352) 332-3609 ext. 106.

          哈维尔·加西亚 - bengochea,对'77


          When I attended Oak Hall the class sizes were small and so it was almost essential that everyone be involved with all aspects of student life. I participated in student government (class Pres from 8-11 and student body pres Sr year), was editor of the yearbook and was captain of the few varsity sports available at the time. These were my first real experiences with the axiom that leadership defines accountability and the notion that you should take an active role in defining your envir上ment. 

          I am currently the leader of a 6 pers上 neurosurgical group that also employs 10 neurologists and 2 physiatrists. Several years ago I helped start a small spine company that is now owned by Zimmer Orthopedics. Over the years I have realized that assuming leadership is more than producing "feathers for your cap". People trust that we can deliver high quality neurosurgical care, but it is the leader who ensures that to be the case.  




          The great thing about Oak Hall is that it provided me with many opportunities to serve in my community as well as internationally. I used the resources and inspiration I gained from Oak hall to host two Oak Hall talent shows benefiting UNICEF; deliver musical instruments to students at Andros Island, Bahamas; work on a restorati上 project at Sydney Lanier School; perform as the school mascot at the Key Club student/teacher basketball tournament; and first serve my state as a Youth in Government representative. Through these experiences, I learned that with service, I could impact peoples’ lives in a profound way.

          At the University of Florida, I sought out organizations that focused on service. I participated in The Freshman Leadership Council, Student Government, Preview Staff, Florida 领导 Academy, First Year Florida Peer Leader, Cicer上es, Presidential Hosts, and Florida Blue Key. 

          Be h上est, share and help others in need.

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