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          Thank you for your interest in our school!

          我们提交 询价表» or contact Nancy Coleman at 352.332.3609.


          Our 学院 engage, challenge, and support each student on a journey of self-d是covery.

          Teaching at an independent school is a challenging career, offering the satisfaction of student accomplishments, professional autonomy, close collegial relationships, and membership in a 关ly knit community. Good teaching happens in many ways and no single method can claim superiority over another. Realistically, the essence of good teaching 是 not what it 而它所 .

          mg游戏app官网下载 expects a high level of professionalism from all our faculty. First and foremost we need teachers who are strong performers in the classroom. Such teachers have an easy facility with their subject matter, use appropriate learning materials, vary their techniques, provide opportunities for children with different abilities, motivate students to achieve, maintain effective communication with students and parents, and understand appropriate methods of discipline and classroom control. Secondly, we desire teachers who feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility as members of our school community. A responsible teacher provides a positive role model for students and colleagues, is punctual not only by being on campus before the day officially begins, but also with the necessary paper flow which helps the school run smoothly. He or she makes a point of enforcing school policies, attends functions during and after school hours, and assumes responsibilities outside of the classroom. Professionalism and confidentiality go hand in hand, and all faculty are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding their colleagues and students at all times. Last, we expect our faculty to be willing to keep abreast of his or her field, which includes maintaining an academic interest in his or her d是cipline, continuing to investigate new or different instructional practices, and generally cooperating with colleagues through sharing and contributing ideas.

          We Don't Just Work Together, We Have Fun Together!

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