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          Thank you for your interest in our school!

          我们提交 询价表» or contact Nancy Coleman at 352.332.3609.


          Academic Excellence

          Our reputation for academic excellence is well earned, and it begins at day one.

          Our accelerated 较低的学校 program focuses on ensuring that students attain a working fluency in fundamental skills across the curriculum. In 中学 those skills are more fully developed through an intensive exposure to the liberal arts while identifying and responding to each student's individual needs. The 上学校 is entirely college preparatory, with Advanced Placement, honors and elective courses geared toward the admissions standards of the finest colleges and universities.

          35 Mathlete students (4th-5th grade) have scored in the TOP 10 percent of the world in International competitions.

          200 colleges have admitted our students since 2010. Colleges include CalTech, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Washington and Lee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Yale.

          97%的 of high school faculty members hold advanced degrees.

          自1972年以来,超过 1,400 alumni are found worldwide in leadership roles within their chosen professions. Graduates include engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, business owners, financial advisors, software developers, teachers, actors, inventors, and more.



           Access to PlusPortals

          Note** Parents & Students: If you are having trouble logging into the new website, please contact Rebekah Johnson at rjohnson@oakhall.org or (352) 317-0469. 




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